Talent Within You marketing for beneficiaries:

Marketing and PR

Talent Within You is funded by a Chartered Marketer and Executive coach who uses her expertise to promote talents within children. Worthing Idol is for children who have already discovered their talent. If you can sing, dance or play music, use our sign-up form below to register your interest for Worthing Idol 2019.

For those more interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, we are launching STEM IDOL in 2019. Once again, use the form below to register your interest.

Apply for Talent Within You: No Boundaries

Only 50 WORKSHOP places available. Please use the form below to register your interest in Talent Within You. 

Coaches, businesses and volunteers, you have a separate form, please click the GREEN button below.

Talent Within You: No Boundaries – Please read this before signing up. It explains everything you need to know.

  1. We have room for 50 children aged 14-16. Anyone can apply. Applications will be assessed on two factors: child's intended commitment to all workshops, and commitment to become peer mentors and enable other children once they have successfully achieved their award. 
  2. This form is for Children interested in Talent Workshops, Worthing Idol, Stem Idol, for adults interested in coaching or volunteering and for businesses wishing to express an interest in partnering with us to achieve our vision. All adults working with children will need to DBS checked. 
  3. To take part in our workshops, children will need to become buddy members. Buddies will work though our coaching workbooks.
  4. Buddy membership fee is £25pa which covers the cost of the workshops and workbooks. Your application will be fully complete once membership is paid. We will send you further details in due course. 
  5. All members must agree to become Peer Buddies and inspire new members to discover and nurture their talent in the future. Membership for Peer Buddies is free.
  6. All children and adults must promise at all times, to respect others, respect our club and respect themselves.
  7. Everyone at Talent Within You use their talents for the benefit of enabling others.
  8. We will be holding monthly Saturday workshops from October 2018 lasting 1.5 hours to help find and nurture talent within children aged 10-16.
  9. McLaren Automotive is our first flagship business who has offered two beneficiaries from Talent Within You an internship for one year at McLaren in Woking. Members must have completed all eight workshops and their workbooks in order to qualify for an interview.
  10. Find out more about Talent Within You.

Children's sign-up form