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Our workshops are currently on hold until we can attract funding. Watch this space.

Please contact us  using our contact form if you are interested in our workshops or are interested in helping to fund us.

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Our vision is to create virtual workshops for youg people between 13 and 16 years, but first we need to attract funding.

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The photos on the right are from our 2019 live workshops.

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Workshop 1 - To be confirmed.

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Do you like to sing and dance?

We held Worthing Idol took place in 2010 and 2011. It was a bit like Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) but our coaches were much kinder!  Some of these amazing young people have achieved signed record deals and they are coming back as mentors to help you achieve your dreams. We have sports champions too. Learn from winners by joining today.  our sign-up form.

Welcome to Talent Within You

Talent Within You enables children between 14 and 16 years old to discover and nurture their talent. This photo of Jack Ford standing with Todd Carty was taken in 2010. Jack was an potential Olympic Ice-dance champion having already won national competitions. Talent Within You paid for one month of ice-dance lessons with British Ice Dance Champion, Diane Towler-Green.

Worthing Idol 2011

Worthing Idol took place in 2010 and 2011. It was a bit like Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) but our coaches were much kinder. 20 talented children with purpose were selected from auditions and our coach back then was Amelia Regnante from RSOPA. The winner won £100 towards developing their talent. 

We are planning to relaunch Worthing Idol once more in 2019. Please express your interest by completing our sign-up form.

Our first Worthing Idol winner

Rebecca was our first Worthing Idol winner. Beccy has been studying politics at University and is very successful.

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  2. If you live in Worthing, you can become a member of our Unleash Your Niche Club, please state this on the form.
  3. Unleash Your Niche workshops have room for 50 children aged 14-16. Anyone living in Worthing and surrounding areas can apply. Applications will be assessed on two factors: child's intended commitment to all workshops, and commitment to become peer mentors and enable other children once they have successfully achieved their award. 
  4. Unleash your Niche workshops begin in January cost £25 for 7 workshops. Thats approximately £3.50 per workshop. Meet other young people with the same mindset as you. Learn from with inspirational speakers and you will be given our very own journals to personalise and keep to help develop you. There are opportunities for internships, placements and voluntary work to develop your strengths.
  5. McLaren Automotive has offered two beneficiaries from Talent Within You an internship for one year at McLaren in Woking.
  6. Glendale Theatre and Arts has offered one scholarship for one of our young people who has completed our course.
  7. We are continually seeking further placement opportunities and will be reporting these back.
  8. Members must have completed all workshops and their workbooks in order to qualify for an interview.

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