Meet our Talent Angels

Our sponsors are also known as Talent Angels because they are enabling us to help young people discover their passion, transform it into a talent and lead a purposeful life.

Sponsors are helping us by providing exciting internships, placements and scholarships, music lessons, venue hire and much more. They are also providing inspirational speakers and helping us to reach more young people aged 14-16 years. Scroll down to learn more …

McLaren Automotive

McLaren Automotive in Woking has committed to offering two of our beneficiaries (one female and one male), an internship or apprentice (tbc). The beneficiaries must have completed our Talent Workshops, been awarded our certificate and agreed to be a peer mentor after one year to inspire new beneficiaries. We are extremely grateful to McLaren Automotive for their continued enthusiasm and support.

The Herald

The Worthing Herald is sponsoring Talent Within You by kindly promoting our talent workshops each month. As a community group, we are on a shoestring budget and are very grateful for our community paper in supporting us.

The Worthing Herald is a local newspaper reporting on news, sport, what’s on, lifestyle and more.

Kate Henwood

Kate excels in capturing memories at her favourite type of events … birthdays, parties and celebrations, christenings, children’s parties, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, networking events, community events, fundraising events… Anything where there are people and the opportunity to capture the moment. Check and like Kate’s work on her Facebook page.

Kate’s love affair with photography really started when she got a digital camera soon after the birth of her son fourteen years ago. Although she’d been taking photographs all her life, going digital gave her the opportunity to capture every moment of her child’s development in an immediate way. Kate loved how she could preserve each precious event in not only her memory but in beautiful pictures without the guesswork, cost and faff that film entailed. The digital medium made photos easy to share with her family and friends, even before the era of Facebook.

In 2014, Kate made the decision to take her camera with her wherever she went and to photograph whatever caught my eye. The warm reception my pictures received showed me that my personal window on the world appealed to others and that I had an eye for capturing a different view.


Stagecoach South


Stagecoach South has kindly supported Talent Within You by displaying our posters on their Pulse buses which run in and around Worthing.

Stagecoach south runs safe, reliable, clean, punctual and comfortable local bus services across Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. Some routes extend into Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Apart from the obvious financial savings, there’s a whole heap of other benefits to leaving the car at home and travelling by bus.

So Why not leave your car at home and plan your journey now via the Stagecoach website.


Glendale Theatre and Arts

Glendale Theatre and Arts is helping with our Talent Workshops and is kindly offering one scholarship for one talented child with purpose. Glendale is an award winning theatre and arts school based in Worthing. Mandy Chapman has been a source of inspiration, especially in providing research to support the NO BOUNDARIES aspect of TALENT WITHIN YOU. We will be posting blogs about this in due course.

The Coffee House

The Coffee House kindly provided bacon baps and vegetarian alternatives to our VIP speakers and volunteers at Workshop 1.

The Coffee House is Worthings friendliest cafe specialising in delicious coffees and freshly made food from all day breakfasts to afternoon tea and everything in between.

Our Founder, Vicky, loves this independent Coffee House because apart from catering to her dairy and gluten free diet, Tristan and his amazing team serve a selection of delicious teas and you can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, by sitting in the spacious room upstairs.

The Brand Surgery®

The Brand Surgery® has provided all our website design, marketing, coaching and promotions. They are also leading the PR and branding for all the Talent Workshops, Worthing idol and STEM idol events. The owner is also a CPD accredited executive coach and a lecturer at Chichester College, and will be leading the Talent Workshops. Contact us for further information.

ABC Worksafe

ABC Worksafe kindly sponsored Talent Within You by providing First Aid support at our launch.

Since then ABC Worksafe has kindly sponsored our founder, Vicky Vaughan, to attend a first aid course. She is now a qualified first aider.

ABC Worksafe is a fully accredited and experienced provider of First Aid training which meets the HSE requirements, and Related Health and Safety courses and equipment. Working closely with each client ensures we deliver completely bespoke courses that meet your business needs. Working in a wide variety of sectors, we also offer our clients peace of mind with our unique satisfaction guarantee*


Worthing Homes and The Community House

Worthing Homes is helping us to reach out to more young people aged 14-16 years. We are also working with the Worthing Community House based in Dominion Road in Worthing.The house is a very special place where people can meet up informally, take part in activities or drop in for help and advice when it is needed. It is a friendly, relaxed environment where everyone is welcome and you will always be greeted with a smile!

Lou Forte

Lou Forte is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter and frontman of Brighton/Worthing based Progressive Death Metal band Derelict Dream. Lou is kindly providing music lessons at some of our workshops. He is also using his talent in creating YouTube videos to help us reach out to more children aged 14-16 in the Worthing area so they can unleash their niche!  Check out Lou’s New video coming soon!! You can follow Lou at: and on Facebook and YouTube.

Worthing Community Chest

Worthing Community Chest is our first funding source. They are helping to fund our workshops to help children discover and nurture their talents. If you can help us in some way, please contact us for further information. We are extremely grateful to Worthing Community Chest for enabling us to relaunch Talent Within You. 

Use the form below to book our Unleash Your Niche workshop.
The workshops costs £3.50 and if you book all seven, you get one workshop free.
We will send you payment details once you have registered.

You will automatically receive free membership to Talent Within You.
You will receive regular life hacks and opportunities to discover and nurture your passion, help you be happy every day and overcome negative, judgemental people and situations in and out of school.

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Talent Within You: No Boundaries – Please read this before signing up. It explains everything you need to know.

  1. You are signing up to join free membership with Talent Within You. We will email you with life hacks which enable you to grow your talent and develop your niche. We will also signpost you exciting opportunities but never pass your your information to third parties. You can leave at any time by unsubscribing.
  2. If you live in Worthing, you can become a member of our Unleash Your Niche Club, please state this on the form.
  3. Unleash Your Niche workshops have room for 50 children aged 14-16. Anyone living in Worthing and surrounding areas can apply. Applications will be assessed on two factors: child's intended commitment to all workshops, and commitment to become peer mentors and enable other children once they have successfully achieved their award. 
  4. Unleash your Niche workshops begin in January cost £25 for 7 workshops. Thats approximately £3.50 per workshop. Meet other young people with the same mindset as you. Learn from with inspirational speakers and you will be given our very own journals to personalise and keep to help develop you. There are opportunities for internships, placements and voluntary work to develop your strengths.
  5. McLaren Automotive has offered two beneficiaries from Talent Within You an internship for one year at McLaren in Woking.
  6. Glendale Theatre and Arts has offered one scholarship for one of our young people who has completed our course.
  7. We are continually seeking further placement opportunities and will be reporting these back.
  8. Members must have completed all workshops and their workbooks in order to qualify for an interview.

Join Talent Within You today – it's FREE!

  1. We will be holding monthly Saturday workshops from October 2018 lasting 1.5 hours to help find and nurture talent within children aged 10-16.
  2. We have room for 50 children on a first come first served basis.
  3. To take part in our workshops, children will need to become buddy members. Buddies will work though our coaching workbooks.
  4. After nine months and successful completion of their workbook,  Buddies will become Golden Buddies and will be ready to seize opportunities we find to nurture their talent.
  5. Membership fee is £25pa which covers the cost of the workshops and workbooks. This is payable shortly because it shows commitment and helps us to establish numbers to run workshops.  agree to become Peer Buddies and inspire new members to discover and nurture their talent.
  6. Commitment will be required from members and their families in order to compete the workbook and be awarded a certificate to go onto the next stage.
  7. Children that take part and complete will be required to become peer mentors for the next intake of children we help. 
  8. You will need to commit to attending all nine workshops from October 2018 to June 2019.
  9. Workshops will most likely be the second Saturday in each month, but this is to be confirmed.
  10. Members must promise to at all times, respect others, respect our club and respect themselves.