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We will be running eight monthly workshops for children aged between 14 and 16 from January 2018 to enable children to discover their talent. Workshops will take place between 10am and 1pm on Saturday mornings.

Workshops will be run by qualified, DBS checked, coaches and mentors on a voluntary basis. Children will work through talent manuals and at the end of eight months, if the members have successfully completed these and attended all eight workshops, they will be awarded a certificate and we will find opportunities, including voluntary positions, competitions (including our very own WORTHING IDOL and STEM IDOL), internships and apprenticeships for our members to use and strengthen their talent.

Once members have successfully completed two years, they can become golden buddy members which means they can become peer mentors. Peer mentors don’t have to pay for membership for as long as they are giving back.

This is our first year and we are finding our feet, please note that the nature of the workshops will most likely evolve. Family support is essential in order for children to succeed.


We have held two Worthing Idols in 2010 and 2011 – you can see some of the video clips here. Worthing Idol is fantastic platform for children who have discovered that they are talented in singing, dancing and music. It is an opportunity to showcase your talent. Winners are awarded funding to develop their talent. We use our marketing talents to get you in the press where possible.

Spaces are limited for Worthing Idol – a maximum of 20 contestants will perform and there is a first, second and third prize. The entrance fee is £5 and this helps us cover some of the costs of promoting the event.

Once we have enough entrants, we will arrange an audition date and invite you along. You will be expected to supply your own music and we will make arrangements with you nearer the time as the best format.

Worthing Idol 2019 will be arranged once we understand the number of entrants, so don’t delay, register today.


STEM IDOL is an idea that has been rattling around in our heads for a while now. Our philosophy is that if the singers and dancers get an event, why can’t the STEM have their own event too. We need to gauge demand for this event,  if you are aged between 10 and 16 and you have discovered they have a talent in either Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths (STEMs), register your interest today.

You will need to think of the most effective way to showcase your talent, whether it be an invention, a product you have made.

As with WORTHING IDOL, there will a £5 entry fee which will go towards the costs of running this event. As it is a new event, please expect the concept to evolve. Take a look at Coastal Stemfest and Stem Sussex for inspiration and ideas.


  • Inspire and encourage the Scientists, Technologists, Engineers and Mathematicians of the future
  • Forge important links between schools and businesses in the STEM community
  • Provide young people with exciting hands-on experiences of the latest innovations in science and technology.

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The workshops costs £3.50 and if you book all seven, you get one workshop free.
We will send you payment details once you have registered.

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Talent Within You: No Boundaries – Please read this before signing up. It explains everything you need to know.

  1. You are signing up to join free membership with Talent Within You. We will email you with life hacks which enable you to grow your talent and develop your niche. We will also signpost you exciting opportunities but never pass your your information to third parties. You can leave at any time by unsubscribing.
  2. If you live in Worthing, you can become a member of our Unleash Your Niche Club, please state this on the form.
  3. Unleash Your Niche workshops have room for 50 children aged 14-16. Anyone living in Worthing and surrounding areas can apply. Applications will be assessed on two factors: child's intended commitment to all workshops, and commitment to become peer mentors and enable other children once they have successfully achieved their award. 
  4. Unleash your Niche workshops begin in January cost £25 for 7 workshops. Thats approximately £3.50 per workshop. Meet other young people with the same mindset as you. Learn from with inspirational speakers and you will be given our very own journals to personalise and keep to help develop you. There are opportunities for internships, placements and voluntary work to develop your strengths.
  5. McLaren Automotive has offered two beneficiaries from Talent Within You an internship for one year at McLaren in Woking.
  6. Glendale Theatre and Arts has offered one scholarship for one of our young people who has completed our course.
  7. We are continually seeking further placement opportunities and will be reporting these back.
  8. Members must have completed all workshops and their workbooks in order to qualify for an interview.

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  1. We will be holding monthly Saturday workshops from October 2018 lasting 1.5 hours to help find and nurture talent within children aged 10-16.
  2. We have room for 50 children on a first come first served basis.
  3. To take part in our workshops, children will need to become buddy members. Buddies will work though our coaching workbooks.
  4. After nine months and successful completion of their workbook,  Buddies will become Golden Buddies and will be ready to seize opportunities we find to nurture their talent.
  5. Membership fee is £25pa which covers the cost of the workshops and workbooks. This is payable shortly because it shows commitment and helps us to establish numbers to run workshops.  agree to become Peer Buddies and inspire new members to discover and nurture their talent.
  6. Commitment will be required from members and their families in order to compete the workbook and be awarded a certificate to go onto the next stage.
  7. Children that take part and complete will be required to become peer mentors for the next intake of children we help. 
  8. You will need to commit to attending all nine workshops from October 2018 to June 2019.
  9. Workshops will most likely be the second Saturday in each month, but this is to be confirmed.
  10. Members must promise to at all times, respect others, respect our club and respect themselves.