Workshop 1 was a huge success, here’s a link to the photos and below are Workshop 1 achievements:
Our members’ mental heath improved on average by 40% within 3 hours
We recorded how our members felt when they arrived and when they left. We asked them to pick a figure between 0 and 10; 0 feeling rubbish and 10 feeling awesome. The average score (from completed workbooks received) when members arrived was 6 out of 10. The average score just before leaving was 10 out of 10 (being excellent). We have captured written evidence of this. We’ve also received comments from parents regarding the significant positive change they had witnessed in their loved ones. 
Happy parents, happy members, new friendships …
One parent said: “What an amazing team! Thank you to all the Talent Within You volunteers! You have done an incredible job to get Ollie excited about anything other than a computer game. Huge appreciation. I was shocked when he agreed to give it a go … but proud that he came, and under his own steam, and had such a brilliant time”
Donna Sparsis, parent, said: “Thank you! The boys really enjoyed it …. Hugo got a lot from the McLaren lady… she is dyslexic too. Well done!”
Another parent, said (verbally): “Thank you! My daughter is really shy but she has made a new friend here today.”
A bit more about Talent Within You
Talent Within You enables young people to discover, nurture and unleash their talent via a combination of 121 coaching and listening to inspirational people who have successfully unleashed their niche. #TeenTalent #It’sBetterOutThanIn #UnleashYourNiche
We have extended the age range from 13-16 for future workshops as feedback is that 13 is more useful age because learners will be thinking about choosing options then. 
Details 2nd workshop details: 16th February 2019 
Heene Community Centre, 10am to 1pm
For young people age 13-16 living in and around Worthing 
Here members will learn that they can turn any interest into the job of their dreams. Imagine enjoying your hobby every day for the rest of your life.Book the Attitude Workshop!
Our inspirational speakers for Workshop 2 are:
Andy Thom, retired police diver: (see photos by following this link)
Andy turned his passion for scuba diving into an exciting job as a police diver; he used to retrieve street crime weapons and other objects which are used as evidence in the courts to catch criminals and such like. The waters Andy dived in were so murky that Andy and his colleagues had to rely on touch to locate objects. And when the waters are so cold that your hands are numb, how can you feel anything? Andy will explain how … You will learn that you can turn any interest into the job of your dreams. Imagine enjoying your hobby every day for the rest of your life. We will teach you how! Andy will be bringing his diving equipment and you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to retrieve items in cold, wet, waters without getting wet (well not very wet!). 
Rebekah French, Recruitment specialist
Rebekah is our CV specialist and has over 30 years of recruitment experience. Rebekah is an inspiration in herself and everyone who has met Rebekah never forgets her. We guarantee that you will feel inspired! She will be sharing the best way to get your personal brand into your CVs – so you stand out for the right reasons. In a later workshop, Vicky Vaughan, Talent Within You’s founder will be helping you to create an exciting CV design that no-one can resist to look at. The CVs you create will form part of your evidence when applying for our internships and work experience at McLaren Automotive. They will grow and expand as you your talent grows and expands so you stand out for the right reasons. 
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