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We believe that everyone has an exceptional talent even if you can’t dance, sing or act. Talent Within You will help you discover what your talent is and we will unleash it. #It’sBetterOutThanIn
Come along to our monthly talent workshops starting on Saturday 26th January 2019, between 9am and 12noon. Only 50 spaces available for young people aged 14-16 who live in and around Worthing.
We will send you tickets by mobile afterwards. Please state your mobile phone number.

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Book all seven workshops and get one free (£21 total includes 6 journals)


  • England Rugby Champion Rob Andrew MBE
  • Joanna Lewis, Colour & Materials Designer at McLaren Automotive Ltd

VENUE: Worthing Library Lecture Hall (for workshop 1)

1. T (Talent) = 9am-noon – Saturday Jan 26th

2. A (Attitude) = 9am-noon – Saturday Feb 16th

3. L (Leadership) = 9am-noon – Saturday March 30th

4. E (Effort) = 9am-noon – Saturday April 27th

5. N (Nurture) = 9am-noon – Saturday May 18th

6. T (Trust) = 9am-2pm – Saturday June 29th – Venue McLaren Automotive, Woking – transport provided – longer day including travel – young people must attend all 7 workshops to be invited on this trip.†

7. Wrap up session (FREE for those that attend all 6 workshops)  = 9am-noon – Saturday June 20th.

8. Hand in CVs and TAPACY portfolios for awards and internship opportunities  = 8th September †

9. Award and certificate presentation (for those that attend all 6 workshops)  = 9am-noon – Saturday September 22nd. Here you will present your portfolios for TAPACY assessors and CVs to our sponsors for internship and placement opportunities†

Unleash Your Niche Club workshops enable you to:

  • Identify your passion and convert this into a winning, purposeful life
  • Get your very own personalised journal to keep you growing everyday
  • Develop your own stunning personal brand
  • Form friendships with like-minded, supportive people who will support your dreams and ambitions
  • Build and develop an impressive CV†
  • Visit exciting places as some workshops will be hosted at different venues†
  • Seize exciting internships and scholarships at McLaren Automotive or win a scholarship at Glendale Theatre and Dance School.†

† Attendance at all the workshops is required to qualify for these benefits.


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