So you can’t sing, dance or act?

Nor can most of us! But we all have an exceptional talent. Talent is something you are naturally good at and are passionate about. Time whizzes by when you are doing something that you are talented at.

My name is Vicky. I am the founder of Talent Within You. I didn’t didn’t discover my talent until I was in my 20s. Up until then, I drifted through life, miserable and bored. Everything was boring. The summer and winter holidays seemed like a lifetime. I was a follower not a leader. I followed my friends around like a little lost sheep. I felt like I never fitted in. I always seemed to be in trouble with my parents.

I left school, went to college to learn secretarial skills because my friends did that. Then I got my first job at Horsham District Council as a Word Processor Operator. I typed letters that the clever people dictated. I was always in trouble because I used to make so many typing mistakes – mainly because I was bored and wasn’t concentrating.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s, that a director at Horsham District Council spotted my creative ability and sent me to Northbrook College in Worthing to study graphic design which nurtured my creative niche. I’ve not looked back since. I’m in my 40s now but am happy every day. I get paid to do my hobby.

Gone are the days of clock watching. I have designed posters and logos for famous brands and exciting events. Without that director spotting my ability, I would still be lost – I dread to think where I would be now.

That’s why I launched Talent Within You. I want to help you make your talent something that you can do every day. If you haven’t quite discovered your talent, a bit like me whenI was your age, our team of coaches will help you.

Check out the list on the right. Is there anything there that gets you excited? Or you think you might be good at?

If so, book our workshops today. We only have room for 50 places.

PS I’m still not very good at typing, so please be kind if you spot any errors. I am good at lots of other things though.



The following are all exceptional talents – some will surprise you!

Talent Within You workshops will help you unleash your talent, making you happy every day. And we will help you to turn your passion into a job, so it will be like getting paid to do your hobby. That’s what I’m doing – living the dream!

It is important to know that talents can be learned! So check out the list below – is there anything there that gets you excited? If so, chances are that might be a talent we can work on together.

You might not be good at it now, but if its something you want to do more of, we can work on it and give you essential tips to develop your skills in this area. We’ve got some special strengths cards we will let you have a play with, to help determine your top strength which will help nurture your talent.

You might find that some of these form your personal values and are the reason for you getting up in the morning.

  • Can you deal with failure? Awesome, that’s a talent!
  • Are you good at focusing and concentrating? Fantastic – I wish I could! Can you teach me?
  • How are you at handling change? So many are scared of change – you have a talent
  • Can you make new friends easily? Help others to do this too.
  • Do you have the ability to spot the next best thing? You are so lucky!
  • Academics – Is this your bag? This makes you unique.
  • Accounting Money Management is an essential life skill as well as a professional job role. Are you a natural?
  • Adaptability – Agility is so important these days. When’s the last time you adapted?
  • Brainstorming – Essential for innovation. Some of us have this, others don’t.
  • Natural Communicator – Some people just don’t have this talent
  • Computer Literacy / IT / Programming / Software – Being a geek is a talent! Be proud
  • Conflict Resolution – I hate conflicts, but others love it. Which are you?
  • Creativity This is so me, but I wasted 7 years not knowing. This can be painting, drawing, ideas
  • Critical Thinking – This is something I wish I was naturally good at, but I’m learning.
  • Curiosity – Essential for innovation and researching
  • Decision Making – I don’t know about you, but I just can’t decide on anything. This is a really talent if you can do it! Think about the decisions of fire fighters saving a life versus choosing where to go on holiday.
  • Dexterity – Are you good with your hands? What have you made lately? Maybe you can juggle? I can’t!
  • Drawing – I can’t draw freehand, but I love abstract art. What about you?
  • Empathy do you have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another?
  • Honesty or integrity – Honest with yourself as well as others. Sometimes being 100% doesn’t make you popular, but its the right thing to do.
  • Encouraging – this is one of my top strengths and I want to encourage you guys and girls to excel, not dwell!
  • Energetic – do you have natural boundless energy? This is so important for when the going gets tough to maintain momentum.
  • Enthusiasm – this is such an important strength and talent.
  • Fairness  Do you want the world to be fair? So do we, help share us Talent Within You with other young people like you.
  • Foreign Language   Are you a polyglot? How many languages can you speak? Well jell!
  • Thinking in the future – This is essential for strategic planning. Some of us are naturals and some have to learn. Are you a natural?
  • Graphic design – I love graphic design – creating different moods with the use of shapes and colour.
  • Humorous – Are you naturally a funny person? Laughter makes the world go round
  • Marketing – I love teaching Marketing at Chichester College. But teaching also requires my encouragement talent!
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses – This is a talent in itself – and knowing when to be honest
  • Imagination – This is so important – imagination if free and makes the world go round
  • Initiative – We live Nike’s advert, Just Do It. Is that you? How can you use this in a talent?
  • Innovative – When’s the last time you tried something new? Does it come naturally or not?
  • Inspiration – How do you inspire others? I like teaching!
  • Intuition – How often do you rely on your gut feeling? Do you have a good or bad feeling about things? Is your intuition normally proven correct? if so, you have natural intuition.
  • Inventiveness – Do you like making things? What sort of things?
  • Leadership – Are you a natural leader. How do you lead? This is included
  • Learner – Do you enjoy studying? I am studying for my third Masters level – addicted to study. It’s not for everyone.
  • Law – Are you fascinated with law? See yourself in court wearing a big barrister wig?
  • Listening – Seriously under-rated but this is the most important part of communication. How much do you enjoy listening?
  • Magic – Do you love magic? Are you naturally gifted at performing too?
  • Maintenance / Routine Tasks – This is such an important talent because even the most exciting jobs have a boring part – for me it’s doing the book-keeping
  • Networking – Building relationships and networking with the right people is essential. If you enjoy it and it comes naturally – you will be the envy of others. You will make excellent connections at Talent Within You.
  • Marketing – Marketing yourself to create a personal brand is essential. We will help you with this.
  • Maths – Believe me, this is a talent. If you have a natural ability for pythagorus, we want to know you!
  • Music / Singing – Can you read music? Can you sing? How many instruments can you play?
  • Negotiating – This requires confidence and strategy. Is it you? Do you enjoy it?
  • Persuasive – If you are persuasive, it means you are probably compelling and warm. What’s the most impressive thing you have persuaded someone to do or change?
  • Photography – Are you a gifted photographer? Why do you like taking photos? Please share with us.
  • Positiveness – If you are naturally positive, you will go far. It is perhaps one of the most important mindset and will fuel any talent.
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking – This never came naturally to me, I went to Toastmasters to develop it. Now I love it and some say I’m talented at it, so you can become talented at something.
  • Raise Money – Do you enjoy raising money for charities? What is it about this that you enjoy. Think of the last time you raised money, what skills did you use?
  • Reading – Do you enjoy reading? I didn’t until I discovered my. talent at age 21, now I’m a bookworm. I have so many books on my kindle.
  • Relaxation – This is a talent – the art of relaxation is essential to mental health and wellbeing and some of our workshops will teach you how to take five.
  • Reliability – Are you naturally reliable? If not, it could ruin your chances of happiness. There is a chance that you you are late because you unconsciously enjoy the attention it brings, even if it is not positive. We will teach you ways to enjoy being reliable.
  • Self Control – Having the ability to control what you eat, what you say and your behaviour in general is essential. As you’ve seen above, talents can relearned.
  • Self Management – Do you have a natural ability to take  responsibility for one’s own behaviour and well-being.
  • Self-Assurance – Do you have confidence in your own abilities or character? It’s easier for some than others. Lucky you if you are naturally gifted here.
  • Self-Discipline – This is required to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, be happy. You may need to develop this before working on other talents
  • Social Intelligence / Mindfulness – This is the capacity to know yourself and others. Be in the here and now.
  • Story Telling – Are you good at telling a story? This is essential for content marketing and growing brands. It will help you to grow your personal brand.
  • Teaching  / Training – Think away from school. Do you have younger brothers and sisters you have taught life skills? Do you enjoy it? What strengths do you use when you teach others?
  • Trouble-shooter – Do you naturally enjoy fixing problems and coming up with solutions? You will be popular if you aren’t already.
  • Visualisation – The top performers visualise their success beforehand. This comes easily to some more than others. It can be learned!
  • Volunteering – Do you naturally feel attracted to volunteering to develop your talent? Those who do tend to go far.
  • Writing – Whether you write stories, are good at writing essays, or creating strategies for your future. Writing will draw on your creative abilities.
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